Annai Fathima Child Welfare Centre

This home is situated in a total area of 1 Acre in space with tasty water. The pollution free location and free and clean air make the student feel free and healthy. All these children are accommodated in well roofed building with fans and attached bathrooms. More than 8 bathrooms have been built for their usage. Boys and girls have been accommodated separately. Wardens are staying with them thereby they feel safe. Good lighting arrangements have been made to their rooms for their study. A Generator has also been provided to meet out the contingency of power cut. Therefore 24 hours electricity is maintained.



Food for the children are prepared by experienced cooks and their assistance daily in hygienic condition. Special attention is given to their food preparation. The Secretary and Treasurer are taking more care on this important matter. The students go for higher educations are given packed lunch box in the morning itself.



Annai Fathima Child Welfare Centre has got its own Primary School situated within the campus. Student’s upto V are admitted there. High school going students are admitted at Government Higher Sec. Schools. During 2004-05 four students have been admitted in Polytechnic College and their education fees are borne by the management. In 2005 April one of our student has completed his Engineering study. A building for the Primary School has been sanctioned by the Government of India under the M.P. fund. Our patron and the President of TamilNadu Congress Committee Mr.G.K.Vasan has made this arrangement and this institution is feeling very proud on this and placing this information. The recognition of the Nursery & Primary School has been obtained.
At present there are 183 children who are pursuing education and require tuition fees. A child would require an average of Rs.5000/- per year to help this institution on carry on the legacy.



We have a team of certified medical practitioners who help in providing medical assistance to our children & elders. A special medical team of doctors like Dr. Nagasagi, (Surgeon), Dr. Saratha (Physician) and Dr. Jayanthi (Eye Specialist), who are the regular team of medical professionals who give their generous service to our children & elders. In times of emergency children & elders are taken to private hospitals nearby to ensure immediate attention by spending extra funds for this cause.



The Annai Fathima Trust is doing counseling for adolescent girls and female sex workers (FSW) and have guided them for a better life.



Annai Fathima Trust has seen a number of Software Companies who provide 30% of the funding for the needs of children & elder. There is a feeling of satisfaction and happiness on both sides.



Annai Fathima Trust is planning to expand its services to mentally challenged children. Our project involves 5 Crores to start home, hospital and school in the same premises



10 Students of Annai Fathima Child Welfare Centre has been trained as Catering Assistance and now they are running fast food stall. One girl student has undergone one year Auxiliary Nurse Course. And two students are undergoing tailoring course.



College students pursuing Post graduation in Social Work willingly select Annai Fathima Trust for their Block Placement. They receive great exposure to the needs of children and the society and go out having gained excellent knowledge as professional in Social Work. They are also awarded Certified by Annai Fathima Trust on their excellent performance. More than 7000 students have been benefited and certified by Block Placement.



All the festivals like Pongal, Deepavali, ramzan,Christmas and New Years day, Children’s Day, Teachers Day are given equal importance and celebrated with the children. Sweets, New Cloths are the main items distributed, if we get any sponsors for the above said purpose.



ASince this institution is situated at I.T related companies functioning area it has been decided to open a working Women’s Hostel to accommodate nearly 50 women and to start a Day Care Centre thereby the profit obtained will be utilized to cater the needs of the Annai Fathima Trust. We are also determined to build a care centre for the mentally affected and physically challenged people with the funds obtained through our devoted donors like you.



24th Dec 2005 hit the world history by its noted TSUNAMI ( a high tide sea wave ) which affected coastal areas of Chennai city also. About 56 of this Tsunami affected area children were accommodated on the advice of the Dist. Administration. A whole family consisting a husband, wife and two children come from Andaman Island as Tsunami affected are also accommodated and presently staying in the Home.



During the year 2004-05 totally a sum of Rs.11.50 Lakhs has been spent for the Home as a whole out of which Rs.56,480 is being allocated by the State Government of Tamil Nadu for 25 children alone and the rest of the amount is being collected from people like you.



The Institution as ever before will be well maintained and try to accommodate more children with acute caringness, if more funds and support are available from you, our beloved sponsors.

Home Children

Children Details
  No.of Students
LKG & UKG 10
I to V STD 65
IX to X STD 15
POLYTECNIC 5 (I Year – 2, II Year – 2, III Year – 1)

A vision of the Annai Fathima Boys Hostel.& Girls Hostel.

The building shown in the picture is the shelter home for the boys and girls of the Annai fathima Child Welfare Centre. This building was constructed with the aid provided by Mr.John Brritto, Chennai, Mrs.Vijayarani Lawrence, Mrs.Stephan,Mrs.Jaya,MrsBaanu Ramachandra and Ms.Anushia from Singapore,and Mr.Srikumar from U.S.A. We require you’re helping hand to provide the deficit commodities such as fan, cots, and stationary items. We also require funds to build proper toilets and drainage systems.


Campus of Annai fathima Child Welfare Centre.

The photo shows the outside to inside view of the Annai fathima Child Welfare Centre, which houses the hostels for both the boys and girls, the Annai fathima Nursery and Primary School and some vacant space utilized by the children for playing. The picture shows the unfinished building which was intended to be a multipurpose use such as sick room, training room for tailoring, beautician course and other useful teaching to motivate the students to become entrepreneurs in future and a small auditorium to conduct cultural activities, functions and seminars. Hence growing and developing organization like us,are relying on your esteemed support to give the children the best we can.


Mrs.Rani Krishnan Conducts a District level Quiz Competition

Apart from providing the best education possible to the students of the Annai Fathima Trust she also concentrates on their other activities such as sports,cultural activities and many competitions to bring out the talents hidden among the children. This picture shows Mrs.Rani Krishnan being an invigilator for the quiz competition.


Participants belonging to Annai Fathima Child Welfare Centre.

The senior citizens are being entertained by the children of Annai Fathima Child Welfare Centre for their day which is the International Old Age Day. Mrs.Rani Krishnan takes all her effort to make them happy each day which god has blessed them and asks several people for their helping hand for the happiness of the inmates of the Annai Illam.


Mrs.Rani Krishnan Along with (Late) former MP,Founder & President of Tamil Maanila Congress Thiru.G.K.Moopanaar at Children’s Day.

Every year the Independence Day is considered to be an important day to pay the tribute to our freedom fighters and hence each year the National Flag is hoisted by a person serving the Nation. During this occasion Mrs.Rani Krishnan shows a month baby who was left all alone in front of the organization campus and the child was named as Monica and now she is a young girl doing her VII std.


Diwali Function.

The view of the children during the Diwali fuction held at the girls hostel cum dining room for all,happily cheer with the OM Shakthi Group. Sweet and savories along with crackers were distributed on that day for the enjoyment of the children. Though the children do not enjoy like other children with their parents we appreciate and thank the kind hearts who do their best to make the children happy.


Performance by Mrs.Jacquline Lucas

One of the best classical dancer Mrs.Jacquline Lucas appreciated by the Chief Minister Selvi JayaLalitha performs a show to collect funds for the Annai fathima trust for taking care of the children. She also taught Bhatathanatiyam for the children for an hour weekly.


Children of Annai Fathima Child Welfare Centre having their meal.

Students are overjoyed to hear the news that someone has come to offer them a meal as they enjoy them rather than their usual normal food which is offered. They devotedly pray for the success of the sponsors future endeavors which will be surely answered by the Almighty.


Christmas Occasion.

These are the boys of Annai Fathima Child Welfare Centre celebrate their Christmas Day happily by wearing the best wardrobe they have and anxiously waiting for all the year to be the same. This was an occasion when Mr & Mrs.Lucas from the U.S.A sponsored the happiness of the children on this great festival.


Mrs.Rani Krishnan feeding Mr.Remeggious.

The picture shows a small baby being fed by Mrs.Rani Krishnan named Remeggious. He was admitted as a week child and now he is 23 years young. He is one of the student who got aid from different sponsors for his studies from childhood and now he has completed his Bachelor’s Degree at Panimalar Engineering College, affiliated to Anna University with an aggregate of 77%. A young man who is determined to work for the betterment of the organization. Not only Remeggious but several children like Nancy Alphonsa, Christo, Shanmugham, Sridhar have completed their degree with the help of financial support rendered by many kind hearted people. Now he has been deligated as the Public Relation Officer for the "Annai Fathima Trust "


Mrs.Rani Krishnan feeding Christo.

The photo shows a small boy being loved by Mrs.Rani Krishnan named Christo.