Annai Illam

Mrs.Rani Krishnan, did not suffice with her service provided to the children and thought about more to make her career more meaningful and hence evolved the Annai Illam a home where all the necessary amenities are provided at free of cost for the senior citizens who have been left uncared by their own children. Annai Illam was established at the later 80’s in the midst of the Chennai city in a rented building. Mrs.Rani Krishnan was basically a catholic and was no way appreciated by the people residing at Mylapore which is basically a Brahmin area. It was easy to tolerate the negligence of the people at the initial stages as it was the same experience she had during the initial stages of developing Annai Fathima Child Welfare Centre. Having this in mind Mrs.Rani Krishnan slowly began to expose her true service rendered to the senior citizens, and at a very short time she gained the favor of the people around Mylapore.

As Mrs.Rani Krishnan was very devoted in serving, Annai Illam steadily got reputation among different domestic and corporate people whose helping hands supported by providing financial support for leading the day to day life, as the entire Annai Fathima trust is solely dependent on the public contribution. Annai Illam very soon like Annai Fathima Child Welfare Centre became a recognized NGO for providing social service at free of cost. Nearly 50 senior citizens have been nursed and taken care today by Mrs.Rani Krishnan. Each senior citizen being admitted at the Illam have different story for their negligence and each one is a heart choking one.

Mrs.Rani Krishnan at her service with a senior citizen

One among the senior citizen at the age of 95 being given medicine by Mrs.Rani Krishnan. She specially nurses these elderly people by her self as she is very determined that people at this age are like a child and requires special care as given to baby.


Mrs.Rani Krishnan conducts a Rangoli Competition for the public.

Apart from her normal activities Mrs.Rani Krishnan was also the Member of Corporation for full five years and during her service to the Chennai Corporation she fought for the rights on behalf of the public which added more reputation to her, She frequently conducts many competitions which would make the domestic women happy.


Mrs.Rani Krishnan at the International Old Age Day Celebration with the Chennai Collector Thiru Kannuswamy IAS and The Chief of District Social Welfare Board Tmt Hellen.

Mrs.Rani Krishnan hands the flame torch to The Collector Thiru Kannuswamy IAS during the International Old Age Day celebration held for all the senior citizens of Annai Illam to show them that the whole world remembers them and a function is held specially for them.


The senior citizens actively participate on the International Old Age Day.

The senior citizens of Annai Illam do not just enjoy the entertainment hosted by the children and rather they also entertain the students in return by staging shows such as skits and fancy dress competition. They feel so happy and proud to do things which makes the children happy.