FOR ANNAI HOME - 25 senior citizens
Cost of Estimation
A full day feeding-(morning breakfast / lunch / dinner and 2 times coffee)
For Annai Fathima Child Trust - 150 children
A full day feeding-(morning breakfast / lunch / dinner)
Only break fast
Only lunch
Only dinner
Rs. 15,000
Rs. 3,500
Rs. 5,000
Rs. 5,000

Entertainment       (Per year) Rs.7,000

Medical Expenses (Per Year)
Per Month – Rs.15,000
(Medical expenses is depend upon their illness)



Totally 150 students are staying in “Annai Fathima Child Welfare Centre”
From LKG to 5th Std we are running nursery and primary school recognized by Tamilnadu Govt.  From 6th to 12th std we are providing education in Government school which is 2kms away from our campus. For Further studies we are arranging to stay in hostel for the students convenience and safety purpose.

Cost of Estimation
For LKG to 5th STD (Per month & Per child)
We are appealing this amount to pay for Teachers (5 Nos) & Servants (2 Nos and including Books, Notebooks, Uniforms & Maintenance etc)
Rs. 500 (Total 78 Nos)
For 6th to 8th Std  (Per month & Per child)       Rs. 500 (Total 51 Nos)
For 9th to 12th Std (Per month & Per Child)     
Including Dresses, School Books & Notebooks, Busfare, Fees & Misc)
Rs. 1000 (Total 26 Nos)
For College (5 Nos) Per Year.  All exp included Rs.2,05,000
Engineering Student ( 1 No)    Rs.40,000 (Per Year)
Proposed projects Cost of Estimation
At present the Annai Illam which is accommodating 40 senior women citizens at a rented house requires funds to accommodate 100 senior citizens, including 50 senior male citizens at an owned building. Rs. 55, 00,00,000
A Working Women’s Hostel having a capacity to accommodate 50 people and thereby the profit obtained may be utilized for the betterment of the Annai Fathima Trust. Rs.10,00,00, 000
A home for the mentally retarded people. Rs.15,00,00,000
A home for sheltering and training the physically challenged people. Rs.15,00,00,000
To provide quality education for students up to STD VIII within campus. Rs.1,00,00,000